SAQA IDTitle (Unit Standard view)LevelCreditTypeDownloadsWorkbook
10050Integrate marketing plans with business process 56Core 

116324Plan a farm and select a site 59Core 

116337Optimise and integrate various farming systems and trends within related enterprises 511Core 

116369Optimise water quality 56Core 

116371Manage soil systems 510Core 

116373Manage the harvesting process of agricultural crops 510Core 

116382Manage an input chain 56Core 

116384Manage and control resources in a sustainable manner 55Core 

116394Implement and manage human resource and labour relations policies and acts 59Core 

116409Develop and implement plant manipulation methods 58Core 

116414Develop suitable irrigation systems 510Core 

116419Develop and implement a food safety and quality management system in an agricultural supply chain 57Core 

116425Design a natural resource management plan 58Core 

116426Develop a production and strategic plan for the agricultural business 511Core 

116427Develop a propagation plan for any agricultural production system 59Core 

116428Analyse and interpret the financial statements and physical records in an agri-business to generate managerial information 511Core 

116429Apply integrated pest management principles 510Core 

116431Describe biological processes in plant physiology 59Core 

116327The optimisation of agri / ecotourism strenghts and opportunities and negation of threats and weaknesses 56Elective 

116328The effective and responsible arial application of agrochemical products 514Elective 

116383Manage a hydroponic production unit 510Elective 

116398Evaluate and coordinate area wide sustainable wild flower harvesting 58Elective 

116405Develop, implement and manage a permaculture site design 510Elective 

116400Effective and responsible advice, recommendation and sale of agrochemical products 612Elective 

7466Represent and operate on complex numbers in non-trivial situations 42Fundamental 

7468Use mathematics to investigate and monitor the financial aspects of personal, business, national and international issues 46Fundamental  AG
7470Work with a wide range of patterns and inverses of functions and solve related problems 46Fundamental 

7483Solve problems involving sequences and series in real and simulated situations 42Fundamental 

8974Engage in sustained oral communication and evaluate spoken texts 45Fundamental  AG
8975Read analyse and respond to a variety of texts 45Fundamental  AG
8976Write for a wide range of contexts 45Fundamental  AG
8979Use language and communication in occupational learning programmes 45Fundamental  AG
12417Measure, estimate & calculate physical quantities & explore, critique & prove geometrical relationships in 2 and 3 dimensional space in the life and workplace of adult with increasing responsibilities 44Fundamental  AG
116387Integrate sustainable systems into planning and management processes 58Fundamental 

116412Develop and manage a data collection plan to support an agricultural enterprise 54Fundamental 


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