Below are the presentations made by AgriSETA management at the 2015 Annual Information Sessions.
  1. The welcoming presentation made by the Chief Executive Officer, Mr Jerry Madiba and/or the Operations Manager Mr Johann Engelbrecht. This explains the process with regard to the SETA landscape.

    Reference was also made to the White paper for Post School Education and Training

  2. Skills Delivery Department - Discretionary Funding - Mr Gerard Mamabolo
    This presentation focuses on the disbursement of the Discretionary Grant application, times frames of the application window periods and the documentation which usually delays the processing of payments.

  3. Quality Assurance - This presentation focussed on AgriSETA Accredited Training Providers, Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and qualifications with the QCTO. Presented by Mr Fanny Phetla, Quality Assurance Manager.

  4. Skills Planning and Mandatory Grants

  5. Skills Planning department - this presentation focuses on the Mandatory Grants and the submission of the Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Training Report which will be on Indicium system.


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